Sunday, August 28, 2011

Speaking of...

I know I just quoted this in my last post, but ironically enough it really hit home today.
"If we could see ourselves the way the Lord sees us, we would rise up and never look back."
For a while this has been one of my favorite conference quotes. I don't remember who said it, but when I heard it it just stuck with me. I always thought I entirely understood it.

As I sat in church today, I really felt the spirit and I instantly knew that I wasn't living up to my potential.

I had no clue what that quote really meant until today. It isn't that we would be able to resist tempation, the real meaning is that when we see what the Lord sees in us, we'll be able to see our full potential. We will understand exactly what is stopping us from knowing true happiness and we will not only be able to resist temptation, but we won't WANT to sin anymore.

SO! Here's my resolve for today. It's simple, but powerful.
I have seen my potential and I know that through the atonement and the principles of the Gospel I can find true happiness and I can reach my potential. I can be what the Lord expects me to be. And I'm going to.

The best part? I don't need a man to get there.

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