Monday, December 5, 2011

Lessons Learned

Here's a few lessons I've learned recently about life, love, and being single again.
1: In dating, there is no rejection that a few good country music songs, a little apple cobbler, and a good chick flick won't fix. (Now it's time to get back on my diet! Swimsuit season will be here before I know it)
My go to country music: Zac Brown Band. All day every day. Loves of my life.
Cherry Apple Cobbler might be the best thing I've ever tasted. (Ask me for the recipe if you'd like it!)
No matter how many times I date someone who is less than deserving, I'll always believe in love and finding someone great because of chick flicks. :) "Getchyoself some ribs and some ice cream, because you have been dumped."
2: A good hair day should never be wasted on a bad day. So when your hair is good... Nothing else should matter.
I just went dark with my hair again, and I LOVE it.

3: Sometimes, even when you fight with your best friend, she is still right when she tells you how great you are. Thanks, Heidi!!!!
Everyone always sees it better than you. So listen to your friends and family when they say how great and beautiful you are. Even if you don't believe it.
I don't always want to believe it, but no matter what happens, I'm healthy, beautiful, and happy. :)

Some other minor lessons:
-There's no better weather than pea coat, boots, and scarves weather.
-Nude nail polish colors are the best.
-It's always fun to plan a wedding on pinterest even if your not dating anyone.
-Dark hair is so great. My wardrobe has been seriously diversified.

All of these are great lessons. I hope that my niece will look at this blog three years from now and learn from these lessons because her life will be so much easier! Haha. You're welcome, Jorden!

Alright, last but not least, one final lesson.
Everyone comes into your life for a reason but a lot of them will leave your life for a reason too. So rather than dwell on the sadness of a lost friendship; remember the good times, dwell on the happy parts, and most importantly: Be grateful for the lesson learned.

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