Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year, same old (awesome) Mallory

Happy 2012, all! It's going to be a great year. just like all 22 years prior to it! (it was hard to be a great year without me...)
With the new year, I feel it's appropriate to reflect and resolve.

Without further ado, let's reflect:
My friend Heidi and I have been marveling over where we were a year ago. Without discussing any nitty gritty details, it's safe to say we've both had quite the journey this year. When I think about the last twelve months and everything that happened, I'm literally filled with joy. Although it's been a long, HARD, sad journey, I'm so relieved to be able to look back and smile.

Resolutions are overrated. (For me at least.) I NEVER keep them. I never even bother to think about them again past the first week of the new year. I always end up sinking back into old habits and forgetting I even wanted to be better. So this year my resolution is to be exactly who I was last year.
Don't get me wrong here: I have PLENTY of terrible habits that I would LOVE to resolve to change. But given my previous history with resolutions I'm going at this from a different angle this year.
I spent the last year of my life being stronger than I ever thought I would have to be. I came out of it with grace, dignity, and (as surprising as it may be) more confidence than ever. So I figure: If I resolve to be the same girl I found myself being lately, then 2012 is bound to be spectacular. So even if 2012 brings more pain and trials than 2011 did, I just hope that in one year when 2013 rolls around, I can look back at whatever this year brought me and smile. :)

And for the record, I intend on having copious amounts of wholesome fun this year. ;)

So I've reflected, I've resolved...
Have a great year everyone! :)

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