Sunday, December 18, 2011

we're killing three birds with one stone here

*No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.*
 Since I'm such a terrible blogger, we're going to wrap up November, December, and January into one big blog post. This way, if you get anything else out of me in December and January it will be a giant bonus.

No Shave November.
Muh Birthday.

I love men with scruffy faces. Full-on beards... they're gross. (Explicit language to follow) They look like you're growing pubic hair out of your face. Gross.

Woop! I'm 22! (I intended on writing a big long "22 things you didn't know about Mallory" post, but let's face it. I'm not that interesting.)

This year for Thanksgiving, I found myself being thankful for so much in so few words. I'm grateful for all of the basics: Friends, Family, Jobs, Houses...etc. Mostly, I am just SO thankful for all of the trials we go through in our lives. I've had the opportunity to learn so much about myself this year and I can't imagine trying to go back to who I was before. I am a strong, beautiful, talented, driven person and I wouldn't trade that knowledge for anything.


I love Christmas. Music, lights, treats, hot chocolate, friends, family, church, cold weather... nothing in the world could beat this time of year. :)

Bucket List.

I started compiling a bucket list this month. I've decided that resolutions are pointless and I never do them/stick to them so I'm making a list. But I think rather than it being a bucket list I've decided these are all things I want to do with a future spouse before we get married/have kids. Which isn't to say I don't want those things... I just know how crazy and hectic and stressful life can get after marriage/kids and it would be great to enjoy these things before all of that calamity.  
Here's just a few:
-Go ice skating in central park.
-Spend Christmas in NYC
-Sleep on the beach
-Watch a sunset/Stay up to watch the sunrise
-Run a marathon

Well there you have it, folks. One post: Three months.

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