Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lose a pound and find a calculator.

Word to the wise: If you ever get divorced, don't do your own packing. Hire someone to (or better yet, make your ex) pack all of your things for you in an organized manner. Apparently, I was too sad to pack efficiently?!?!?! Sigh. I found all my movies in the same box as my pots and pans, and cutting boards in with all my books. I'm awesome.
On a lighter note, I found my TI 84 calculator that would cost me about $125-150 to replace. PHEW!
I also found my 5 year old camera: still in perfect working condition. Now I have no excuse not to take pictures.
Now all I need to do is find my dang passport....

Alright, now here's my shreditup update: 2 days down, 28 to go with Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred. 
1 lb down, 39 to go before the summer vacations come and people have to see me in a swimsuit. 
In regards to my weight:
"-I don't want to assign in a number...
-What would you assign it? A color? A locker?"--Baby Mama
I refuse to reveal the actual number, so just know that I weight Awesome+40.
WAIT!!!!!! Awesome+39. :)

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