Monday, January 23, 2012


I recently joined twitter.
I used a hash tag...
I started working out today.

I'm officially a twitwhore. I think I've tweeted like 4 times today already and generally speaking I have very strict rules about posting (whether by facebook or another social media outlet) more than once a day. Also, I only have like 2 followers. I'm totally OK with this. I love that I can say whatever I want without the fear of offending someone or looking/sounding ridiculously stupid. Bonus number two: I can talk about my boyfriend and he has no idea. :)
Last night WOULD have been a perfect example:
Except Ben texted me this morning, "So you tweeted about us talking in spanish last night?"
He was hesitant to reveal his source, but since I only have two followers and he only knows one of them... @happilyheidi was busted.
Either way, Twitter is still great for hashtags.
Here's what I found:
Generally, I just like to put a word after the hash that makes my statement funny or ironic. Whoops. I'm still learning.
Needless to say, bear with me as I learn how to use them properly.

On the subject of doing new things. I started working out today.
1 down, 29 to go. I'm also doing a low-carb, high-protein diet that should help me shed weight for Mexico and San Diego this summer. Here's to a great body some day!

Thanks for listening, folks. Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear way more about my life than anyone has ever cared to know. #guaranteedtoannoyyouinadayortwo.


  1. hahaha your funny! I like you! I have a twitter for my business but I NEVER twit (is that even the right word) unless its to win some crazy giveaway another photographer is doing. haha
    Sandiego hu? With the Coombs Fam? I think I very much like the idea of you planning on a a trip that's still months away!
    xoxo- Nicole

    1. Haha, it's safe to say I was invited. But if dinner on Monday was any indication of how that vacation will go... Just kidding. ;) As long as Ben doesn't get sick of me, I'm sure I'll be there!

  2. I wish I liked twitter better! I just don't use mine very much :( But I love hash tagging!