Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The not so scary bits of being pregnant.

So, I read a birth story not too long ago that made the idea of labor just absolutely AWFUL. I'll be honest, it scared me to death. Half of me wants to say, "Why in the world would you ever write that down?!?!?!?!" and then the other part of me is semi-sorta grateful that there are people out there who will tell you the truth.

Since I'll hopefully be blogging a lot about the pregnancy (I need to remember how much I hate/love it so that I can make an informed decision about whether or not I want to have a second child.) My goal is focus on the wonderful parts of being pregnant but also being truthful about the scary/uncomfortable/unpleasant bits as well.

For starters, (keep in mind I'm only 14 weeks at this point) I'm going to just make a list of all the unpleasant symptoms I've encountered due to pregnancy so far. Quick and to the point.
Exhaustion(This differs VERY GREATLY from your run of the mill "tired")
Random Cramps
Round ligament pain (I think that's what it is... feels like I'm pulling a muscle between my stomach and pelvis if I move the wrong way)

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but I'm absolutely certain that in the end it will be worth it.

Now let's talk about the cool parts about it so far.

Even though I'm still  in the awkward, "Is she fat or pregnant?" stage, It's REALLY fun to start to look pregnant. It's a funny feeling, but it makes me feel more beautiful and more womanly than I've ever felt before.

When I'm in the car and my music is up and I'm singing along, I'm secretly hoping for the day when my baby will be able to hear and will maybe start jumping around in there with me.

Every night as I'm going to bed, I try to sit reallllly still so that maybe I can start to feel baby moving around in there. I was just thinking last night that I'm certain I'll start crying my eyes out the first time Ben will get to feel the baby move.

Mostly, I'm loving the anticipation. The excitement of what our lives are going to be like after baby is here and the changes that are bound to come. Right now, I'm so very anticipating finding out the gender of our baby so that I can start buying adorable little clothes that are just going to pooped and peed and puked on a million times.

Pictured below:

Baby at 6 week ultrasound and me at 13 weeks. :)

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  1. Mal I'm so so so so excited for you!! You will be a wonderful mother! And don't worry so much about the labor part. It will all be OK. :) Love you always!